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Red “Power” LED confirms the amplifier is
connected to a live AC power outlet. (and
that the master power switch is on).
Green “Active” LED lights when the
amplifier circuitry has been turned on by
the Turn-On circuits.
Front panel “Master Power” switch turns
off the entire amplifier, including the
Turn-On circuitry.
The red “Protect” LED indicates the amp has shut
down because there is a fault in the speaker, the
wiring, or with the SI-275 itself.
Main Inputs enable you to route a stereo
line level source to the SI-275.
Cascade Outputs of the main input enable
you to daisy chain multiple amplifiers.
3.5mm Mini Plug socket for
12v DC Control output.
Turn-On Modeswitch
3.5 Mini Plug socket
for voltage input.
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