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Using Your Headphones
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Using Your Headphones
Wearing your headphones
You can use your headphones only for noise reduction or for listening to audio along
with the benefit of noise reduction.
As you put on the headphones, observe the L (left) and R (right) markings that identify
the left and right earcups. Adjust the headband so it rests gently on top of your head
and the earcup cushions fit comfortably on your ears.
Using your headphones for audio with noise reduction
For listening to an audio source, you need to use the supplied headphones cord.
1. Plug the appropriate end of the head-
phones cord into the left earcup.
Power switch
Right earcup
2. Plug the other end of the cord into the
audio device (see
“Connecting to porta-
ble and home audio devices” on page 8).
3. Turn on the audio device, making sure
the volume is initially set to a low level.
4. Turn on your headphones. The power
switch indicator should light.
5. Set the volume level using the volume
control on the audio device.
Using your headphones only
for noise reduction
When using the headphones just for noise
reduction, you do not need to connect the
headphones cord. Just turn on your
headphones and put them on your head.
When the battery needs charging
When the power switch indicator starts flashing the battery is in a low-charge state.
From the moment the indicator starts flashing, the battery has about four hours of
life left.
When replacing a battery, make sure you charge the new battery for a minimum of
two hours. See
“Charging the battery” on page 5.
Before storing the battery for an extended period of time, fully charge the battery to
maximize its life.
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