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Owner's of the Bose Speaker Bose Digital Home Theater Speaker gave it a score of 3.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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Follow the same procedure for each of your other
devices, using the appropriate device code and source
button for each one.
To control a combination device
If you are programming the remote to control a
combination device that has more than one source,
such as a VCR/DVD unit, you can program the
combination code into either remote control source.
You may find it convenient to program the code twice
– once for the VCR and once for the DVD.
To find the right device code, first search the
“COMBINATION” listings in the universal remote
device codes book. If you cannot find a valid code
there, then search the listings for individual device
types (TV, CBL, VCR, DVD, etc.).
Using the remote to watch TV
Note: In order to control your TV and other audio/video
devices using the remote control, you must first
program the remote with a device code for each device.
1. Press TV On-Off to turn on your TV and the
speaker system. The green LED on
the front of the interface module will light.
2. Press the TV source button.
The button will flash to indicate
that the remote control is in
TV mode.
3. Use the remote to select a channel and navigate
menus. See “Using the CineMate
GS series II
remote control” on page 21 for a complete
description of the remote’s buttons. In addition
to controlling TV functions, the remote will control
the basic CineMate speaker functions, such as
turning on the speaker system, changing the
volume, and muting or turning off the speaker
TV source
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