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In this feature-laden world of multi-channel sound, the SR4023 receiver is proof positive that Marantz
hasn't forgotten its heritage of high quality stereo components. Here's a two-channel receiver that
combines great sound with simple installation, extreme flexibility, and, most of all, the meticulous
engineering that makes a Marantz a Marantz - and a remarkably affordable Marantz at that.
Sophisticated new aluminum/reinforced resin front panel
Simplified, non-intimidating operation
High quality discrete amplifier
Large EI core transformer
Pre-out/Main-in terminals
Speaker A/B switching
Low-pass preamp level Subwoofer output
MM Phono preamplifier
Composite video switching with monitor and recording outputs
RS-232C communications port
IR flasher input
Triple IR code set
Front Key Lock
Detachable AC cord
Hand held remote controller
Stereo Receiver
Life Amplified