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Surround Sound in Two Rooms
You can easily add a second room of surround sound speakers by connecting five
of the SI-1230 channels to the pre-outs of your surround system. If there is a pre-
out/main-in loop, use a "Y" connector as shown so that the internal power ampli-
fier can still be used in the main surround sound room. When you configure a
system for a second surround sound room, consider bridging the center channel
amplifier to 80 watts if the listener prefers high volumes. The center channel per-
forms 60 to 80 percent of the dynamics of a movie soundtrack.
In this two-zone, six room system, a Surround Receiver, a Stereo Receiver and the SI-1230 com-
bine to provide great sound everywhere. The stereo receiver plays in the Living Room, the surround
receiver plays in the Family room and the SI-1230 simultaneously plays Dolby Pro-Logic Surround
Sound (with a bridged center channel!) in the Master Bedroom, stereo in the Kitchen and Patio, and
mono in the Master Bath and the Front Hall.