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Cable and Wire
Because the SI-1230 has so many connections on the back panel it is very impor-
tant that you label all the input cables and speaker wires. If you label the cables
and wires for their destination or source, rather than which terminal of the SI-1230
they are connected to, it will be easier to reconfigure your system in the future.
The SI-1230 connects to your sources via shielded line level audio cables with
RCA phono plugs. Use high quality cables with your Niles amplifier for the low-
est possible noise and best overall performance. Your Niles dealer can recom-
mend the proper cable.
The SI-1230 connects to your speakers using 2-conductor speaker wire. For most
applications, we recommend you use 16 or 18 gauge wire. For wiring runs longer
than 80 feet we recommend 14 gauge wire. The binding posts of the SI-1230 will
accommodate up to 12 gauge wire. Larger sizes can be accommodated by attach-
ing banana plugs to the wire. Note that the binding posts do accept dual banana
connectors, as well as single connectors. Niles Banana Plugs are available from
your Niles dealer.
Wire size is expressed by its AWG (American
Wire Gauge) number. The lower the number, the
larger the wire, i.e. twelve AWG is physically
larger than fourteen AWG.