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Turn-On Modes
The SI-275 features three turn-on modes: 1. Music Sense, 2. External Voltage Trigger,
3. Manual Turn-On via the front panel switch. You can configure the
SI-275 to interface with any kind of system and have the unit automatically turn on.
Automatic Protection
The SI-275 is equipped with sophisticated protection circuits. In the unlikely event
that a problem occurs, the amplifier shuts itself off. When conditions return to nor-
mal, regular operation resumes.
Status Display for Troubleshooting
LEDs on the front panel indicate Power, Active Status, and a Protection Warning. With
a glance at the front panel, a troubleshooter is quickly provided with key information!
ol Output
A 12Volt DC output is provided whenever the amplifier is on, allowing you to
operate voltage-triggered devices like motorized screens and curtains.
Designed and Engineered in the USA
Limited two year parts and labor Warranty.
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