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If you have any trouble using your DX-C390, check the following table for possible causes and remedies. If you still
can’t resolve the issue yourself, please contact your Onkyo dealer.
Trouble Possible Cause Remedy
No power. The power cord is not connected properly.
Connect the power cord properly to a suitable wall
outlet (page 14).
The remote controller does
not work.
There are no batteries in the remote controller. Install new batteries (page 11).
The batteries are flat. Replace with new batteries (page 11).
The batteries are installed incorrectly.
Check the batteries and correct as necessary
(page 11).
You’re not pointing the remote controller at the
DX-C390’s remote sensor.
Point the remote controller at the DX-C390’s
remote sensor (page 11).
You’re too far away from the DX-C390.
Use the remote controller closer to the DX-C390
(page 11). The remote controller has a range of
approximately 5 meters (16 ft.).
A strong light source is interfering with the
DX-C390’s remote sensor.
Make sure that the DX-C390 is not subjected to
direct sunshine or inverter-type fluorescent lights.
Relocate if necessary.
If the DX-C390 is installed in a cabinet with
colored glass doors, the remote controller may
not work reliably when the doors are closed.
Open the doors, or use a cabinet without colored
Can not play a CD.
The disc is upside down.
Load the disc with the label-side facing up
(page 14).
The disc is dirty. Remove the disc and clean it (page 7).
Condensation has formed inside the DX-C390.
Remove your discs and leave the DX-C390 turned
on for several hours until the condensation has
The CD-R/RW disc is nonstandard. See “Disc Notes” on page 6.
There is no sound.
The DX-C390 is not connected properly. Check all connections and correct as necessary.
The wrong input source is selected on your
Check your amp’s input source setting. Refer to
your amp’s manual.
CD playback skips.
The DX-C390 is subject to vibration. Install the DX-C390 somewhere free of vibration.
The disc is dirty. Remove the disc and clean it (page 7).
The disc is very scratched. Buy a new disc.
Can not enter track num-
bers for memory playback.
No disc is loaded. Load a disc (page 14).
The track number entered doesn’t exist on the
Enter the correct track number (page 18).
It takes a long time to
locate certain tracks.
The disc is dirty. Remove the disc and clean it (page 7).
The disc is very scratched. Buy a new disc.
does not work.
There’s no RCA/phono analog audio connec-
To use you must make an analog audio con-
nection (RCA/phono) between the DX-C390 and
your Onkyo AV receiver, even if they are con-
nected digitally.
The digital outputs do not
The sampling rate of the currently playing MP3
track is not 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, or 48 kHz.
Select a track with a sampling rate of 32 kHz,
44.1 kHz, or 48 kHz.
Abnormal Behavior
The DX-C390 contains a microcomputer for signal processing and control functions. In very rare situations, severe
interference, noise from an external source, or static electricity may cause it to lockup. In the unlikely event that this
should happen, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, wait at least five seconds, and then plug it back in again.