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Disc Notes
Supported Discs
The DX-C390 supports the following discs.
Some audio CDs use copy protection that doesn’t con-
form to the official CD standard. Since these are non-
standard discs, they may not play properly in the
The DX-C390 supports CD-R and CD-RW discs.
However, some CD-R and CD-RW discs may not
work properly for any of the following reasons: disc
burner characteristics, disc characteristics, the disc is
damaged or dirty. See the manual supplied with your
disc burner for more information. Condensation or dirt
on the optical pickup lens can also affect playback.
The DX-C390 supports 8 cm and 12 cm discs.
The DX-C390 does not support disc types not listed.
Don’t use discs with an unusual shape, such as those
shown below, because you may damage the DX-C390.
Don’t use discs that have residue from adhesive tape,
rental discs with peeling labels, or discs with custom-
made labels or stickers. Doing so may damage the
DX-C390 and you may not be able to remove the disc
Discs Made on Personal Computers
Discs made on personal computers, including those of a
compatible format, may not work properly in the
DX-C390 because of incorrect settings in the disc burn-
ing software. Check the manuals supplied with your disc
burning software for additional compatibility informa-
MP3 Compatibility
MP3 discs must be ISO 9660 Level 1 or Level 2,
Romeo or Joliet compliant. Supported formats:
Mode 1, Mode 2 XA Form 1.
Folders can be up to eight levels deep.
MP3 files must be MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3
format with a sampling rate of between 8 kHz and 48
kHz and a bit-rate of between 8 kbps and 320 kbps
(128 kbps recommended). Incompatible files cannot
be played.
Fixed bit-rate MP3 files are recommended, however,
variable bit-rate (VBR) MP3 files between 8 kbps and
320 kbps are supported. (Playing times may display
MP3 files must have a “.mp3” or “.MP3” file name
extension. MP3 files without the proper extension will
not be recognized. To prevent noise and malfunction,
do not use these extensions for other types of files.
The DX-C390 supports up to 499 MP3 files and up to
99 folders per disc. Files and folders in excess of this
cannot be played. Note that if the file and folder struc-
ture is very complicated, the DX-C390 may not be
able to read or play all of the MP3 files on the disc.
Disc names may contain up to 32 characters. File and
folder names may contain up to 64 characters.
The maximum time that can be displayed for a single
track is 99 minutes and 59 seconds.
The remaining time cannot be displayed when playing
MP3 files.
MP3 file and folder names (excluding the extension)
are shown on the display.
Multisession discs are supported, however, some mul-
tisession discs may take a long time to load and some
may not load at all. When burning CDs we recom-
mend that you use a single-session (disc-at-once), and
select “Disc Close.”
Normally, the music in the audio session of a CD Extra
disc is played. However, you can set the DX-C390 so
that it plays any MP3 files in the data session of a
CD-R/RW disc instead. If the data session contains no
MP3 tracks, the audio session will be played regard-
less. See “MP3 Preferences” on page 24 for more
Disc Logo Format or file type
Audio CD
Audio CD, MP3
Audio CD, MP3
CD Extra
Audio CD (Session 1),
MP3 (Session 2)