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Thank you for purchasing a Canon product.
The Canon Speedlite 430EX II is a multi-feature flash unit for Canon
EOS cameras. It works automatically with E-TTL II, E-TTL, and TTL
autoflash systems. It can be used as an on-camera flash or as part of a
wireless flash system.
Read this instruction manual while also referring to your
camera’s instruction manual.
Before using the Speedlite, read this instruction manual and your camera’s
instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the Speedlite operations.
The basic operation is the same as with normal AE shooting.
When the 430EX II is attached to an EOS camera, almost all automatic
exposure control for flash photography is handled by the camera.
Although the 430EX II is an external flash unit, it works automatically and
seamlessly like the camera’s built-in flash.
It becomes automatically compatible with the camera’s flash
metering mode (E-TTL ll, E-TTL, and TTL).
In accordance with the camera’s flash control system, the Speedlite controls
the flash automatically in the respective flash metering mode:
1.E-TTL II autoflash (evaluative flash metering with preflash reading/lens
distance information)
2.E-TTL autoflash (evaluative flash metering with preflash reading)
3.TTL autoflash (off-the-film metering for real-time flash metering)
Regarding the camera’s available flash metering modes, refer to the
“External Speedlite” specification in the “Specifications” of your
camera’s instruction manual.
In the camera instruction manual, cameras having flash metering
modes 1 or 2 are called Type-A cameras (compatible with E-TTL II or
E-TTL). And cameras having flash metering mode 3 (compatible only
with TTL) are Type-B cameras.
* This instruction manual assume that you are using the Speedlite with a Type-A
For Type-B cameras, see page 37.
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