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Owner's of the Breville Coffeemaker BDC600XL gave it a score of 4.1 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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Never fill the water tank once the
coffee machine has started a brewing
cycle. This will affect the volume
dispensed into the carafe.
2. Pre-Warm the Carafe
A warm carafe will help maintain the coffee’s
optimal temperature and keep coffee hotter
for longer. Remove the carafe lid by turning
counter-clockwise then lifting upwards.
Fill the carafe with hot water for about
30 seconds then discard the water. To lock
the carafe lid back into position, align the
arrow on the carafe lid with the ALIGN
arrow on the carafe. Turn clockwise until the
arrow on the carafe lid aligns with the LOCK
arrow on the carafe. This ensures that the
lid is closed and in the proper position for
brewing and pouring. Place the carafe into
position under the drip stop outlet.
Ensure the carafe is completely empty
and the lid is securely locked in place
before placing under the drip stop
outlet. Starting a brew cycle with
water or coffee in the carafe will cause
the carafe to over flow.
3. Select ‘Carafe’ Mode
Press the CARAFE button. The LCD screen
will display a carafe symbol and the current
number of cups selected. Continue pressing
the CARAFE button to select the desired
number of cups. You can choose less than
the current tank level (2 cup minimum),
while the maximum is the amount of water
in the tank, up to 12 cups.
4. Select the Brew Strength or
‘PRE-GROUND’ Coffee Setting
Press the STRENGTH button. The LCD
screen will flash the current strength setting
and the
and buttons will illuminate
and flash. Use these buttons to cycle through
7 strength settings from ‘MILD’, ‘STRONG’
to ‘INTENSE’ or for the ‘PRE-GROUND’
coffee setting.
Press the STRENGTH button to select. The
LCD screen will cease to flash once selected.
If using pre-ground coffee, select the
‘PRE-GROUND’ coffee setting. This
will disable the burr grinder. Add pre-
ground coffee to the gold tone filter
or a paper filter (8-12 cup, flat base
basket style with ~ 3¼"/8.25cm base).
We recommend 1 level tablespoon of
pre-ground coffee per 5oz/150ml cup
of water. Adjust the amount according
to your individual taste. The maximum
capacity for pre-ground coffee is
16 level tablespoons. Exceeding this
amount may cause overflow.
When using the machine for the
first time, we recommend selecting
the ‘PRE-GROUND’ coffee setting,
however omitting the addition of
pre-ground coffee. This will flush
the machine and remove any dust
particles or residues from the
manufacturing process.
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