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Owner's of the Breville Coffeemaker BDC600XL gave it a score of 4.1 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    4.08 out of 5
  • Durability

    4.11 out of 5
  • Maintenance

    3.97 out of 5
  • Performance

    4.22 out of 5
  • Ease of Use

    4.22 out of 5
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At Breville we are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with
the safety of you, our valued customer, foremost in mind. In addition we ask that you exercise
a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions.
Carefully read all instructions before
operating the appliance for the first time
and save for future reference.
Remove and safely discard any
packaging materials and promotional
labels before using the appliance for the
first time.
To eliminate a choking hazard for young
children, remove and safely discard the
protective cover fitted to the power plug
of this appliance.
Do not place the appliance near the edge
of a bench or table during operation.
Ensure that the surface is level, clean
and free of water.
Always operate the appliance on a stable
and heat resistant surface. Do not use on
a cloth-covered surface, near curtains or
other flammable materials.
Do not place the appliance on or near a
hot gas burner, electric element or where
it could touch a heated oven.
Do not operate the appliance on metal
surfaces, for example, a sink drain board.
Position the appliance with a minimum
distance of 4” (10cm) of space on both
sides of the appliance. This will allow for
adequate air circulation.
Always ensure the appliance is properly
assembled before connecting to a
power outlet and operating. Follow the
instructions described in this book.
Do not operate the appliance without
water in the water tank. Use only cold,
preferably filtered water. Do not use any
other liquid.
Ensure the supplied gold tone filter or
a paper filter (8-12 cup, flat base basket
style with ~ 3¼"/8.25cm base) is placed
in the coffee basket before using the
appliance. Do not use the gold tone filter
in conjunction with a paper filter.
Never open the swing-out door
and remove the coffee basket while
brewing. Hot water and coffee can
cause injury. Allow to drain before
removing to avoid scalding.
The carafe is designed for use with this
appliance only. It must never be used on
a range top or in a microwave.
Always ensure the carafe is completely
empty of any contents before brewing.
Always ensure the carafe lid is
securely locked in place onto the carafe
then placed under the drip stop outlet
before brewing.
Scalding may occur if the carafe lid is
removed during the brewing cycle.
Always ensure the carafe lid is
securely locked in place onto the
carafe before pouring.
Do not use the carafe with a cracked,
loose, weakened or damaged handle.
Do not touch hot surfaces. Use the
handle for lifting and carrying the carafe.
Do not set a hot carafe on a wet, cold or
heat sensitive surface.
Do not operate the grinder without
the bean hopper lid in position. Keep
fingers, hands, hair, clothing and
utensils away from the bean hopper
during operation. Avoid contact with
moving parts.
Check the grinder for presence of
foreign objects before using.
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