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Coffee flavor and strength is a personal
preference. Vary the type of coffee beans
and the strength and flavor settings to
achieve the taste of your preference.
Freshly ground beans are the key to
making coffee with more flavor and
body. Use freshly roasted coffee beans,
preferably with a ‘roasted on’ date and use
within 2 weeks of the ‘roasted on’ date.
Store coffee beans in a dark, cool and dry
place. Vacuum seal if possible.
Buy coffee beans in small batches to
reduce the storage time and store no more
than one week’s supply at any time.
Do not store beans in the bean hopper
for a prolonged period.
Clean the bean hopper and grinding
burrs regularly.
We recommend 1 level tablespoon of
pre-ground coffee per 5oz/150ml cup
of water. Adjust the amount according
to your individual taste. The maximum
capacity for pre-ground coffee is 16 level
tablespoons. Exceeding this amount may
cause the coffee basket to overflow.
The grind will affect the rate at which
the water flows through the coffee in
the coffee basket and therefore the taste
of the coffee. If the grind is too fine the
water will not flow through the coffee and
may clog or overflow the coffee basket.
Alternatively, it may pass through the
gold tone filter leaving sediment in the
cup or carafe. The resulting coffee will
be over extracted, too dark and bitter. If
the grind is too coarse the water will flow
through the coffee too quickly. This will
result in an under-extracted coffee lacking
in flavor.
Always use “drip coffee grind” suitable for
use with a drip coffee machine Never use
“Espresso grind” as the finer grind size
may cause the coffee basket to overflow.
For best coffee flavor, coffee can be held in
a glass carafe for up to 30 minutes or in a
thermal carafe for about 2 hours.
Pre-heat the carafe or cup for best results.
A pre-heated carafe or cup will help
maintain the coffee’s optimal temperature
and keep coffee hotter for longer. Fill
with hot water for about 30 seconds then
discard the water.
Fresh, good-tasting water is essential
for a perfect cup. If your water contains
excessive sediment, or has an ‘off’ taste or
odor, we recommend using filtered water.
Iced coffee is at its best when the coffee
is brewed strong because the coffee is
diluted by the melting ice cubes. We
recommend selecting ‘9 CUPS’ and the
‘INTENSE’ strength setting. This makes
approximately 1.5 quarts (1.5L) of brewed
coffee, enough for 4-6 servings. Once the
brewing cycle is complete, transfer the
coffee to a heatproof pitcher and let cool
to room temperature. Refrigerate until
cold, at least 2 hours or up to overnight.
Fill glasses with ice cubes. Pour the coffee
into the glasses, filling them to within
1.5" (4cm) of the rim. Top each glass with
cream, milk, syrups or sweeteners as
If using granulated sugar as a sweetener,
add while the coffee is hot to encourage
the sugar crystals to completely dissolve.
To avoid a diluted taste, you can also use
regular strength coffee and serve it over
coffee ice cubes. Prepare coffee ice cubes
by pouring cool coffee into ice-cube trays
and freezing.
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