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Chapter 2 Setting Up AirPort Express12
 Windows 7 (SP1)
 AirPort Utility for Windows v5.6.1 or later
To set up AirPort Express using an iOS device, you need:
 An iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 5 or later
You need iTunes v10.4 or later in order to play audio from your computer to a stereo
connected to AirPort Express.
You can use AirPort Express with any wireless device that’s Wi-Fi certied.
If you’re using AirPort Express to connect to the Internet, you need a broadband (DSL or
cable modem) account with an Internet service provider, or a connection to the Internet
using an existing Ethernet network. If you received information from your service provider,
such as a static IP address or a PPPoE user name and password, you may need to enter it.
Have this information available before you set up your AirPort Express.
Setting up AirPort Express
To set up AirPort Express using a computer:
1 Open AirPort Utility. It’s located in /Applications/Utilities/ on a Mac, and in All Programs on
a Windows computer.
2 Select your AirPort Express and click Continue.
3 Follow the onscreen instructions for creating a new network or joining an existing one.
If you’re using Mac OS X, you can use the Wi-Fi status menu in the menu bar to choose your
AirPort Express. When you choose it, AirPort Utility opens to set up your AirPort Express.
To set up AirPort Express using an iOS device:
1 Tap Settings on the Home screen, and then tap Wi-Fi.
2 Tap the name of your AirPort Express.