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Chapter 1 Getting Started 9
Using AirPort Express
With AirPort Express, you can:
 Create a password-protected wireless home network, and then connect to the Internet
and share the Internet connection with computers and other wireless devices, such as iPad,
iPhone, and Apple TV.
 Create a guest network, with or without password protection, to give wireless Internet
access to friends and visitors. Devices that connect to the guest network only have access
to the Internet.
 Connect your AirPort Express to your Ethernet network. Wireless-equipped Mac and
Windows computers and other wireless devices can then access the network without being
connected by a cable.
 Connect a USB or Ethernet device, such as a printer, to your AirPort Express. All the
computers on the AirPort network can access the device.
 Connect your stereo or powered speakers to your AirPort Express, and then use AirPlay to
play your iTunes library from any computer or iOS device.
The AirPort Express Network
The following illustration shows an AirPort Express connected to the Internet by a modem
and creating a wireless 2.4 and 5 GHz network. The AirPort Express is connected to powered
speakers, so any computer or iOS device on the network can play music through the
speakers using AirPlay. It’s also connected to a network printer using Ethernet, so all of the
computers on the network can print to it.