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Chapter 6 Specications and Safety24
AirPort Express Safety Tips
 The only way to completely shut o power to your AirPort Express is to disconnect it from
the power source.
 Your AirPort Express is a high-voltage component. Do not open it for any reason, even if it’s
unplugged. If your AirPort Express needs service, see “Learning More, Service, and Support”
on page 21.
 Never force a connector into a port. Make sure that the connector matches the port and
that you position the connector correctly in relation to the port.
Avoid Wet Locations
WARNING: To reduce the chance of shock or injury, do not use your AirPort Express in or
near water or wet locations.
 Keep AirPort Express away from sources of liquid, such as drinks, washbasins, bathtubs,
or shower stalls.
 Protect AirPort Express from rain or other moisture.
 Take care not to spill any food or liquid on your AirPort Express. If you do, unplug
AirPort Express before cleaning up the spill.
In case of a spill, you may need to send your equipment to Apple for service. See, “Learning
More, Service, and Support” on page 21.
Do Not Make Repairs Yourself
WARNING: Do not attempt to open your AirPort Express or disassemble it. You run the risk
of electric shock and voiding the limited warranty. No user-serviceable parts are inside.