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Chapter 1 Getting Started8
Before you plug in your AirPort Express, rst connect the appropriate cables to the ports you
want to use—including:
 An Ethernet cable connecting your DSL or cable modem to the WAN port (if you’ll connect
to the Internet)
 An audio cable connecting your stereo to the audio out port (if you’ll use AirPlay to play
music from your iTunes library)
 A USB or Ethernet cable connecting a printer to the USB or Ethernet port (if you’ll print to it
using AirPort Express)
After you connect the cables for all the devices you plan to use, plug the AirPort Express
power cord into the power port and a power outlet. There‘s no on/o switch.
When you plug the AirPort Express power cord into a power outlet, the status light glows
amber during startup, and then ashes amber during setup. The status light glows green after
your AirPort Express is set up and connected to the Internet or a network.
AirPort Express Status Lights
The following table describes AirPort Express status light sequences and what they indicate.
Light Status/description
O AirPort Express is unplugged.
Solid green AirPort Express is on and working properly.
Flashing amber AirPort Express is not set up or cannot establish a connection to the network or
the Internet. Use AirPort Utility to nd out the cause. See “If Your AirPort Express
Status Light Flashes Amber” on page 20.
Solid amber AirPort Express is starting up.
Flashing amber
and green
There may be a problem starting up. AirPort Express will restart and try again.