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Watching TV
Your TV may be receiving its program content through a
set top box or the tuner built into your TV.
Note: Since most TVs come with an IR (infrared) remote,
you may need to point the Bose
remote at your TV to
operate it.
Using a set top box
If you connected a cable, satellite, or other set top box
to your TV, it will appear in the SOURCE menu under
the name you assigned it during the setup process.
1. Press the remote SOURCE button and select the
device that provides your TV programs.
2. Tune to a station. See “Tuning to a TV station.”
Using the tuner in your TV
If you are using the tuner in your TV to receive TV
1. Press the remote SOURCE button and select TV.
2. Press the TV Input button to select the internal
tuner in your TV.
3. Tune to a station. See “Tuning to a TV station.”
To return to using other sources, use the TV Input
button to first select the input for the Bose system, then
press the SOURCE button and select another source.
Tuning to a TV station
You can tune to a TV station using any of the following
Enter the channel number on the keypad
and press OK. Use the dash button for
channel numbers using a dash or period.
Press Channel Up ( ) or
Down ( ) to change channels.
Press to tune to last selected channel.
Press GUIDE. Use the navigation, page
up/down, and OK buttons to select a
station from the program guide.
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