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MORE buttons
Press the MORE button to display additional
button functions along the top of your TV screen
for the current source. The functions that appear
depend on the selected source. The following
example shows how these buttons appear on your TV.
Activating a MORE button function
1. Press the remote MORE button.
2. Using the left ( ) and right ( ) navigation buttons,
highlight the button function you want to activate.
3. Press the remote OK button.
Button function definitions
Turns device power on/off.
Displays a list of favorite channels.
Performs A, B, C, or D functions in an
interactive program guide.
Enables or disables Teletext functions.
Performs Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue
functions on Blu-ray Disc™ players, set top
boxes and Teletext.
Displays program guide for previous or
next day.
Displays playlist of recorded programs.
Activates picture-in-picture mode.
Accesses video on demand.
Switches your TV to live programming.
Switches between DVD and VCR in a
combo player.
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