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Limited Warranty
system is covered by a limited warranty. Details
of the limited warranty are provided on the product registration
card that is included in the carton. Please refer to the card for
instructions on how to register. Failure to register will not affect
your limited warranty rights.
What you must do to obtain Limited Warranty Service:
Return product, with proof of purchase from an authorized Bose
dealer, using the following procedures:
1. Contact the Bose organization in your country/region
(visit Global.Bose.com/register for Bose contact
information in your country/region) for specific return
and shipping instructions;
2. Label and ship the product, freight prepaid, to the address
provided by the Bose organization in your country; and
3. Place any necessary return authorization number prominently
on the outside of the carton. Cartons not bearing a return
authorization number, where required, will be refused.
Technical information
Remote control
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Range: 33 ft (10 m)
Control console power supply rating
AC input: 100-240V 50/60 Hz, 0.5A (0,5A)
DC output: 12V 20W Max.
module rating
USA/Canada: 100-120V 50/60 Hz 350W
International: 220-240V 50/60 Hz 350W
Dual voltage: 100-120/220-240V 50/60 Hz 350W
Licensing information
This product contains one or more free or open source software
programs originating from third parties and distributed as part of
the STLinux software package. Visit www.stlinux.com/download
for further details. This free and open source software is subject
to the terms of the GNU General Public License, GNU Library/
Lesser General Public License, or other different and/or
additional copyright licenses, notices and disclaimers. To
understand your rights under these licenses, please refer to the
specific terms of the licenses, notices, and disclaimers, which
are provided to you in an electronic file, named “licenses.pdf,”
located within the product’s control console. To read this file,
you will need a computer with a USB port and a software
program that can view .pdf files. To download “licenses.pdf”
from your product’s control console:
1. Press and hold the Setup button on the front of the control
console to display the System Information screen.
2. Insert a USB drive (there should be one included in your
system package) into the USB input on the front of the
control console.
3. Press the OK button on the remote control to copy the file to
the USB drive. This download process should be completed
within 30 seconds. You may then remove the USB drive.
4. To read the file “licenses.pdf,” plug the USB drive into a
computer with a USB port, navigate to the USB root directory,
and open “licenses.pdf” with a software program that can
view .pdf files.
To receive a copy of the source code for the open source
software programs included in this product, please mail your
written request to: Licensing Manager, Mailstop 6A2, Bose
Corporation, The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168. Bose
Corporation will distribute such source code to you on a disc for
a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution, such
as the cost of media, shipping and handling. All of the above
referenced licenses, notices and disclaimers are reproduced and
available with such source code. This offer is valid for a period of
three (3) years following the date of distribution of this product by
Bose Corporation.
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