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Sound is marred by a loud
hum or buzz, which may
be electrical in nature
(not harmonic)
Contact Bose
Customer Service to determine if and how other electrical devices in the room may be
creating unwanted signals, and to obtain possible remedies.
No sound from center
Make sure the center speaker cable is connected at both ends.
Set the Speakers option to Front(3) or Surround(5) in the OPTIONS menu.
In the OPTIONS menu, make sure the Sound setting is not Original.
Center speaker is too loud Decrease the Center Speaker volume setting in the OPTIONS menu for the current source.
No sound from rear speakers Make sure the Speakers option is set to Surround(5) in the OPTIONS menu.
Increase the Rear Speakers setting in the OPTIONS menu for the current source.
Make sure the video sound source is stereo-encoded or surround-encoded, and the device used
(DVD, VCR, DVR, etc.) is stereo.
For stereo inputs, make sure the Sound option is set to Recommended or Alternative.
Rear speakers are too loud Decrease the Rear Speakers volume setting in the OPTIONS menu for the current source.
Make sure the left and right front speakers are connected to the front speaker jacks, and the left and right
rear speakers are connected to the rear speaker jacks.
Radio does not work
(V25 and V35 systems only)
Make sure antennas are connected properly.
Move AM antenna at least 20 inches (50 cm) from the control console and Acoustimass
Adjust antenna position to improve reception.
Make sure the AM antenna is in an upright position.
Move antennas farther from control console, TV, or other electronic equipment.
Select another station. You may be in an area of weak signal coverage for some stations.
FM sound is distorted
(V25 and V35 systems only)
Adjust antenna position to reduce interference.
Fully extend the FM antenna.
Problem What to do
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