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Expanding your system
system can deliver Bose
sound in up to 14 additional rooms in your home.
Connecting a Bose link-compatible product to the
Bose link OUT connector on the control console
enables you to listen to a different sound source in
other rooms. For example, a DVD movie can be playing
in the main room while you listen to the AM/FM radio in
the other room.
For more information or to purchase additional
products, contact your local Bose dealer. See the
contact list included with your system.
Expansion guidelines
To set up a Bose link-compatible system in another
room, follow the instructions included with the
expansion product and be aware of the following:
Bose link connections – Your system cannot
operate with Bose link-enabled products connected
to both the Bose link IN and Bose link OUT
connectors at the same time.
Room codes – The speaker system and the remote
in your other room must be set to the same room
code. See the owner’s guide that came with the Bose
link product for information on setting room codes.
House code – The house code is what enables the
remote control in another room to communicate with
the control console. If you set up a Bose link-enabled
speaker system in another room, the remote used in
that room must be set to the same house code that is
stored in the control console.
Your system is set to house code 15 at the factory.
To see the house code, select Homewide in the
Setup menu and then select house code. On the
screen, you will see the house code and a
representation of how the second room remote
control switches should be set to match the house
code in the control console.
Your system has two house code modes. The
Standard mode provides 16 house codes and
16 room codes. If you live in a multi-unit dwelling,
you can select the Alternative mode that provides
64 house codes and 4 room codes.
Note: Switching between Standard and Alternative
house code modes resets the house code to zero (0).
Using HDMI connections – To hear audio in
another room from any device connected to HDMI
input 1, 2, or 3, you must also make an analog audio
connection between the device and the left (L) and
right (R) analog connections for that input. Likewise,
you must also make analog audio connections if a
digital audio connection is made for input 4 or 5.
Radio operation – Using an expansion room
remote, you can select and control the radio that
is built into the control console in the main room.
However, if both rooms want to listen to the radio
at the same time, they can only listen to the same
*Not applicable to systems sold in Japan.
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