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bananas; medium pressure for firmer foods
such as potatoes and apples; and firm
pressure for hard foods such as Parmesan
cheese and deli meats such as salami.
5. Repeat this process until all food has
been sliced, shredded or grated.
Round fruit and vegetables
Prepare fruit or vegetables by washing or
peeling, and coring or seeding (if necessary).
For small fruit and vegetables (e.g. kiwi fruit,
roma tomatoes), trim one end so the food
sits flat in the feed chute.
For large fruit and vegetables (e.g. apples),
cut in half (if required) to fit in the feed
chute. Pack into the feed chute from left
to right with the adjustable slicing disc at
the slot number required for the desired
Tomatoes in chute Sliced tomatoes
Apples in chute Sliced apples
Long fruit and vegetables
Prepare fruit or vegetables by washing or
peeling. First cut the food to fit the length
of the feed chute (no more than 5 ½ inches;
(14cm). If food fits without the need to cut,
trim one end so that it sits flat in feed chute
or the food should be able to lie on the side
if you require a long thin slice of vegetable
or fruit.
Pack food vertically or horizontally, into the
feed chute with cut side facing disc.
The small feed chute can be used for long
vegetables such as carrots and zucchini.
Zucchini in chute Sliced zucchini
When slicing and shredding, always
use the food pusher to guide food down
the feed chute. Never put your fingers
or spatula into the feed chute. Always
wait for the disc to stop spinning
before removing the lid.
Leafy vegetables
For cabbage, wash and shake off excess
water. Cut into wedges to fit feed chute.
For lettuce, separate leaves, wash and dry
thoroughly, then roll up and pack vertically
into feed chute. Slice or shred.
Slicing or shredding is not
recommended for spinach. To process
spinach, wash and dry thoroughly, tear
into pieces and use mini chopping
blade or S Blade
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