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Playback Playback
If you insert a DVD-RW/-R, CD-RW/-R with DivX
files that are
mixed with MP3/Windows Media™ Audio/JPEG files, the
playback media selection screen will be displayed. Use [U / V]
to select your desired media to play back then press [ENTER].
Press [TOP MENU] to call up the playback media selection
screen in stop mode.
Hint for the purchased or rental official DivX
When you purchased or rented a DivX
file through the official
site of DivX
video which is called DivX
(VOD) services, a registration code is required every time you get
the new file from the DivX
VOD services. Refer to “DivX(R) VOD”
on page 37.
•Use [Y / Z] to select “Yes” if you want to play back the file, or to
select “No” if you do not wish to play it back. Then, press [ENTER]
to confirm the selection.
To Play Back the DivX
Subtitle Created by the
The subtitle created by the user can be displayed during DivX
1) After selecting the DivX
file, the “Subtitle List” will
appear when “DivX Subtitle” is set to anything other
than “Off”. (Refer to page 30.)
2) Use [U / V] to select the desired extension you want to
display, then press [ENTER].
with the subtitle starts playback. The subtitle cannot be
displayed when the setting is “Off”.
If there is more than one extension, the extension selection
appears in the subtitle list.
Subtitle List
File :
File name1
File List : MENU
Please select the media to play back.
Audio & Picture
Some DivX
VOD files are
restricted with the limited
playable times (you cannot play
them back beyond the limit). If
your DivX
VOD file has such limit,
the playback confirmation screen
will appear.
You cannot play back the
VOD files, of which rental
period has been expired. In such
case, press [POP UP MENU /
MENU] and select other files that
can be played back.
You cannot play back the
VOD files obtained with
different registration codes on
this unit. Press [POP UP MENU /
MENU] and select other files that
can be played back.
You cannot playback the DivX
file that has the resolution which
this unit does not support. This
unit does not support the DivX
files that have the image size that
exceeds 720 x 480 @ 30fps or
720 x 576 @ 25fps.
DivX(R) VOD Rental
This rental has views left.
Do you want to use one of your views now?
Rental Expired
This rental is expired. Please push ‘MENU’.
Authorization Error
This player is not authorized to play back this video.
Please push ‘MENU’.
Resolution Error
This player does not support this video format.
Please push ‘MENU’.
What is DivX
is a codec (compression/decompression) that can compress
images to a very small amount of data. The software can compress
video data from almost any devices to the size that can be sent on
the Internet without compromising visual quality of the images.
A file with an extension of “.avi” and “.divx” is called an DivX
file. All files with the DivX
extension are recognized as MPEG4.
For more information for DivX
, please visit
Note for DivX
Even if the file has an extension of either “.avi” and “.divx”, this
unit cannot play it back if it is recorded in the format other
than DivX
It may take a while for audio and images to be output after
you inserted a disc and pressed B.
When playing back the files recorded in high bit rates, the
images can be interrupted in some occasions.
Although DivX
logo has been obtained for this unit, it may
not be able to play back some data, depending on the
characteristics, bit rates, or audio format settings, etc.
•A DivX
file whose file size exceeds 2 GB cannot be played back.
If a large-sized DivX
file is selected, it may take awhile to start
the playback (over 20 seconds sometimes).
If you try to playback the DivX
file that has the screen
resolution which this unit does not support, the playback will
be stopped and error message will appear.
•Some DivX
files cannot be played back on this unit due to
the configuration and characteristics of the disc, or due to the
condition of recording and authoring software.
Multi-session burn DivX
DVD cannot be played back on this
Note for DivX
To utilize this function, the following conditions must meet.
- “DivX Subtitle” must be activated in “Language” setting.
(Refer to “DivX Subtitle” on page 30.)
- Playback file and the subtitle file must have the same name.
- Playback file and the subtitle file must locate in the same folder.
- Only the subtitle files with the following extensions are
supported; .smi (.SMI), .srt (.SRT), .sub (.SUB), .ass (.ASS), .ssa
(.SSA), .txt (.TXT). (.sub (.SUB) and .txt (.TXT) files may not be
- The subtitles that exceeds the playback time of the DivX
will not be displayed.
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