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Function Setup Function Setup
Settings with (*) are the default.
For HDMI, “None” and “Off” options for “Speaker Configuration” are not available.
For “Delay Time”, the difference among the value of the each speaker cannot exceed 15 ft (4.5m).
Menu Setting items Options Descriptions
Channel Level
Tests or sets the
volume for each
Test Tone:
“Test Tone” is the test
tone which can be out
put from the speakers
so that you can adjust
the volume for each
Off* Select “Off” to deactivate
the “Test Tone” feature.
Select “Manual”, then
press [ENTER] to manually
set the volume for the
desired speaker.
Select “Auto”,then press
[ENTER] to automatically
out put the test tone from
each speakers.
Front Lch 0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
If you have selected
“Manual” in “Test Tone”,
select the desired speaker
to set and adjust the
volume for the selected
If you have selected
“Auto” in “Test Tone”, test
tone will be output
automatically in order.
Adjust the volume of the
speaker that output the
test tone.
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
Front Rch
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
Surround Rch
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
Surround Back Rch
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
Surround Back Lch
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
Surround Lch
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
0 dB to -12 dB
(0 dB*)
SW + 10 dB
(Not available for HDMI)
Set “On” to increases the
volume level that is output
from the subwoofer by 10
Menu Setting items Options Descriptions
Delay Time
This is a parameter
for optimizing the
timing at which the
sound is output from
the speakers
according to their
distance from the
listening position.
Set the desired measure
system. This measure system
will be used for “Delay Time”
setting. Press [ENTER] to
switch the setting.
Front Lch 0ft - 60ft (12ft*)
(0m-18m (3.6m*))
Select the distance from the
listening point to the
speaker to get the ideal
delay time.
Front Rch 0ft - 60ft (12ft*)
(0m-18m (3.6m*))
Center 0ft - 60ft (12ft*)
(0m-18m (3.6m*))
Surround Lch 0ft - 60ft (10ft*)
(0m-18m (3.0m*))
Surround Rch 0ft - 60ft (10ft*)
(0m-18m (3.0m*))
Surround Back Lch 0ft - 60ft (10ft*)
(0m-18m (3.0m*))
Surround Back Rch 0ft - 60ft (10ft*)
(0m-18m (3.0m*))
Subwoofer 0ft - 60ft (12ft*)
(0m-18m (3.6m*))
Default Select “Default”, then press
[ENTER], to reset the “Delay
Time” setting to the default.
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