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Playing a CD/MP3 Disc
1 Press ?/1.
2 Press CD.
For operation via the player, press CD/USB
repeatedly to select the CD mode.
3 Press Z, and place a disc on the disc
4 To load other discs, press DISC SKIP
repeatedly and place the discs in the
order you want to play them.
Each time you press the button, the disc tray
turns and you can place a disc in an empty
disc compartment. The player plays the disc
in front of you first.
5 Press Z to close the disc tray.
6 Press N.
Playback starts.
Other operations
Auto standby
The player enters standby mode automatically
when playback is paused or stopped without any
operation for more than about 30 minutes.
“AUTO STBY” flashes on the display for 2
minutes before the player enters standby mode.
With the label side up Disc number
To Press
Pause playback X. To resume playback, press the
button again.
Stop playback x.
Select a folder on
an MP3 disc
CONTINUE repeatedly to display
,” and then FOLDER +/–
Select a track/file ./>. To select a track/file
directly, press the number
button(s), and then press ENTER.
Find a point in a
Hold down m/M during
playback, and release the button
at the desired point.
Change the
playback mode
(page 17), REPEAT (page 19), or
CONTINUE (page 16). For
details, see the pages in
Select a disc DISC 1-5 (or DISC SKIP
Go to the next
Switch to the CD
function from the
USB function
DISC 1-5.
Exchange other
discs while
EX-CHANGE on the player. For
details, see “Replacing discs while
playing a disc” (page 11).
Eject discs Z.