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of 24
2 Press PROGRAM.
If a program is already stored, the last item
of the program appears in the display. To
erase the whole program, hold down
CLEAR until “ALL CLEAR” appears in
the display.
3 Select the disc/folder.
For a CD
Press DISC 1-5 (or DISC SKIP repeatedly)
to select the disc.
The selected disc number appears in the
For an MP3 disc containing folders, press
FOLDER +/– repeatedly to select the
desired folder after selecting the disc.
For a USB device
Press FOLDER +/– repeatedly to select the
desired folder. If the desired file is in root
folder in your USB device, go to Step 4.
4 Press ./> to select the track/file.
You can also select the track/file directly by
pressing the number buttons.
5 Press ENTER.
The track/file number that you
programmed, the playing order, and the
total playing time of the program appear in
the display.
If you entered the wrong track/file
Press CLEAR. Then repeat Steps 4 and 5 to
enter the correct track/file number.
6 Repeat Steps 3 through 5 to enter other
Each time you enter a track/file, the total
number of program items appears in the
7 Press N.
Program Play starts.
To cancel Program Play mode
•The program remains stored in the player even after
program play ends. Press N to play from the
beginning of the program again. The program also
remains even if you stop playback.
• If you disconnect the power cord, press Z, or press
EX-CHANGE, the program will be erased.
•The total playing time does not appear when:
the total playing time of the program exceeds 99
minutes and 59 seconds.
you programmed an MP3/WMA/AAC file.
To check the contents of the
While the player is in stop mode, press
CHECK repeatedly.
Each time you press the button, the disc and
track/file numbers will appear in the display in
the programmed order.
To change the contents of the
You can change the contents of the program in
stop mode.
To Do the following:
Erase a track/file 1 Press CHECK repeatedly until
the track/file number you want
to erase appears.
2 Press CLEAR.
Erase from the
last track/file in
the program
Press CLEAR.
Each time you press the button, the
last track/file of the program is
Add tracks/files
to the end of the
Perform Steps 3 through 5 in
“Creating your own program”
(page 17).