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Additional Information
The USB device is not recognized.
Turn off the player and reconnect the USB device,
and then turn on the player.
You are using an unsupported USB device.
The USB device does not work properly. Refer to
the USB device operating instructions for how to
deal with this problem.
Playback does not start.
Turn off the player and reconnect the USB device,
and then turn on the player.
•Press N to start playback.
Files cannot be played back.
The audio file does not have the extension “.mp3,”
“.wma,” “.m4a,” “.mp4,” or “.3gp.”
The audio file is a multiple track audio file.
The file is a video file.
The data is not stored in MP3/WMA/AAC format.
The data is stored in WMA lossless/AAC lossless
USB storage devices formatted with file systems
other than FAT16 or FAT32 are unsupported*.
If you use a partitioned USB storage device, only
files on the first partition can be played.
Playback is possible up to 8 levels.
The number of folders has exceeded 255.
The number of files has exceeded 5,000.
Files that are encrypted or protected by
passwords, etc., cannot be played back.
* This player supports FAT16 and FAT32, but
some USB storage devices may not support these
file systems. For details, see the operating
instructions of the USB storage device or contact
the manufacturer.
After you have attempted the
prescribed corrective actions
If the player still does not operate properly, or if
other problems not described above occur, turn
off the player, disconnect the AC power cord
(mains lead) from the wall outlet (mains) for a
few minutes, and then reconnect the AC power
cord (mains lead) to the wall outlet (mains).