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The Bose
link AL8 Homewide Wireless Audio Link
Congratulations on your choice of Bose to provide an audio expansion solution free from the
need to run cumbersome wires between rooms.
The audio link consists of a transmitter and receiver. They deliver audio signals from your
18 or 28 Series II system or LIFESTYLE
38 or 48 system in one area of your
house to the system or speakers you have set up in another area.
One transmitter can also send signals to as many as 8 receivers, making it simple to add on
to your system whenever you like.
For future expansion possibilities, we recommend that you keep this owner’s guide as a
In combination with a Bose
link remote control or the PERSONAL
music center II, the
Bose link AL8 Homewide Wireless Audio Link gives you numerous options for expanding
your enjoyment.
Unpacking the carton
Carefully unpack the carton and save all packing materials for possible future use. They
provide the most secure way to transport the product.
Check to be sure your system includes all of the parts shown (Figure 1). If any part appears
damaged, do not attempt to use it. Notify Bose or your authorized Bose dealer immediately.
For Bose contact information, refer to the address sheet included in the carton.
Figure 1
Carton contents
Bose link A
Note: Now is a good time to find the serial numbers on the bottom of the transmitter and the
receiver. Copy them onto your product registration card and in the space provided on “For Your
Records” on page 3.