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The transmitter Channel button
You can use the Channel button to narrow the selection of frequencies the transmitter uses.
The transmitter is factory set to avoid WiFi channel 6. This helps prevent performance prob-
lems, such as slow or intermittent data transmissions, on a wireless network. If you have a
wireless network set up on another channel, you can set up your transmitter to avoid that
channel, or you can move the WiFi network to channel 6.
To reserve a channel for use by your WiFi network:
1. Press and hold the Channel button for more than 3 seconds to reach the setting for NO
WIFI NETWORK. The Status LED blinks red three times to confirm this move.
2. In the grouping below, locate the channel used by your nearby WiFi network:
NO WIFI NETWORK...6...11...1...2...3...4...5...7...8...9...10.
3. Count the number of forward moves it takes from the NO WIFI NETWORK setting to
reach your WiFi network channel. For example, if your WiFi network uses channel 3, you
need to move forward 5 times to reserve channel 3 for WiFi network use only.
4. Press the Channel button for less than 3 seconds for each forward move. Repeat as
many times as needed to reach the channel you want to reserve. The Status LED will
blink red to confirm each move.
If the WiFi network channel is unknown to you, use the Channel button to switch off one
channel at a time. Test the WiFi network to see which setting gives you the best effect.
If you do not have a WiFi network in your home:
Follow Step 1 above to use the entire frequency band and maximize transmitter
Your Bose
link expansion room remote control
•Room code
If you have more than one LIFESTYLE
system expansion room, make sure the remote
used in each one has a unique room code.
House code
The house code setting on the remote must match the setting on your LIFESTYLE
It may not match if you changed the system house code due to interference with another
For information on these house code and room code settings and how to change them, refer
to the owner’s guide that came with your remote.
Setup codes for the transmitter and receiver, which must be identical to each other, do
NOT need to match house codes on the remote or LIFESTYLE
Your Bose link expansion room product
•Room code
Make sure the system, amplifier, or powered speaker room code setting matches that of
the remote you are using in the expansion room.
For information on room code settings and how to change them, refer to the owner’s guide
that came with your Bose
link product.
Enjoy your wireless entertainment
With the settings confirmed, your Bose link AL8 Homewide Wireless Audio Link is ready for
use. To explore and enjoy all of the capabilities provided by your expansion products, refer to
the owner’s guide provided with each product.