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For the receiver
1. Connect one end of the second Bose
link A cable to the jack labeled Bose
OUTPUT on the receiver.
2. Connect the other end of the cable to the Bose link Input jack on the expansion room
system, amplifier, or powered speaker (Figure 5).
Figure 5
Connection to a Bose link
amplifier, as an example
3. Insert the small plug on the power pack cable into the AC Power jack on the receiver and
plug the pack into a wall outlet.
The Status LED lights to verify this power connection.
Note: For information on the meaning of the different Status LED lights, refer to “Check the
indicators and settings” on page 8.
Instructions for non-Bose or older Bose products
The Bose link AL8 Homewide Wireless Audio Link also works with some products that are not
Bose link compatible.
You can use non-Bose products in the following ways:
A tuner/receiver as a sound source connected to the transmitter or in an expansion room
connected to the receiver
Powered speakers connected to the receiver
You can use older Bose products as follows:
Powered speakers, a radio, or system with its own volume and on/off controls and line-
level female RCA input jacks connected to the receiver
Any of the above products require the use of an RCA to DIN adapter cable for connecting to
the transmitter, the receiver, or both. An adapter kit, which contains two of these cables, is
available from Bose.
Note: To order the adapter kit, contact Bose and request Part Number 285320-207. For Bose
contact information, refer to the address sheet included in the carton.
To use an adapter cable
The RCA connectors are color coded, red for right and white for left.
1. Insert the adapter cable DIN connector into the Bose
link jack on the transmitter (INPUT)
or receiver (OUTPUT) jack, as appropriate.
2. Insert the adapter cable RCA connectors into the Audio Out jack on the connection panel
of the audio source or the Audio In jack on the expansion room product. Match left to left
and right to right.
Bose link
Input jack
SA-3 amplifier
Bose link
A cable
Bose link Output jack