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What distinguishes the two units
The connection panel on each unit identifies it by name: TRANSMITTER or RECEIVER. Two
link jacks and a Channel button further distinguish the transmitter.
For compatibility, the two units have a matching Setup Code, set at the factory with both
switches in the “up” position (Figure 2). A Status LED lights when each unit is plugged in and
the two units are communicating.
Figure 2
Connection panels on the
two units
link jacks
Bose link jack
Channel switch
Status LED
Note: For information on the meaning of the different Status LED lights, refer to
“Check the indicators and settings” on page 8.
Choosing a place for each unit
Place the transmitter in the same room with the LIFESTYLE
system media center. Place the
receiver in the same room with your Bose link expansion product.
Use of the audio link with products that are not Bose link compatible requires an adapter
cable. For further information, refer to “Instructions for non-Bose or older Bose products” on
page 7.
Considerations for positioning:
Place each unit upright with all feet flat on a level surface, such as a floor, table, or shelf.
Do not tip either unit on its side.
Place each unit within 7 feet (2 meters) of the product to which it is connected (using the
supplied Bose link A cable).
Keep the two units within 80 feet (24 meters) of each other.
SBe aware that the strongest signal direction is above and around, not below,
the transmitter.