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Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Setting up RC18S2 and RC38S2 remotes
Your additional remote is shipped from the factory already set up for a second room (room B).
To make sure that this remote will work with your home entertainment system, do the follow-
ing to check the house code setting.
1. Remove the remote control battery cover and locate the microswitches (Figure 6).
2. Make sure that the house code settings (switches 1, 2, 3, and 4) match the house code
settings in your main room remote.
Note: If this remote is to be used beyond a second room, other switch settings will need to be
changed. See “Setting Up Additional Rooms For Sound” on page 23.
Figure 6
Remote microswitches
Check the expansion protocol setting in your system
For the Lifestyle
stereo amplifier to work properly with your home entertainment system, the
expansion protocol menu item must be set to Normal. To verify this:
1. Turn on your Lifestyle
DVD home entertainment system and your TV.
2. Press the System button on your main room remote.
3. Select the Audio tab and navigate down to Expansion Protocol.
4. Verify that the setting Normal is selected. If not, select Normal now.
5. Press the Exit button on the remote.
House code switches
must match main room remote