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Owner's of the Bose Stereo Amplifier Lifestyle gave it a score of 5.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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  • Durability

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Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Powering-up your system
CAUTION: DO NOT plug the AC power cord into an AC (mains) outlet until all other connections
are complete.
1. Using the power cord included with your Lifestyle
stereo amplifier, firmly insert the small
connector on one end of the power cord into the AC power jack on the rear panel of the
amplifier (Figure 17).
2. Connect the power cord of the Lifestyle
stereo amplifier and your Lifestyle
system to an AC (mains) outlet. The status LED tells you the operational status of the
3. Select a music source with your Personal
music center or your new remote control and
adjust the volume to your liking.
Figure 17
Connecting the power cord
Rear panel of Lifestyle
stereo amplifier
AC power cord
LED activity Meaning
Constant slow blinking
(1 sec on, 3 secs off)
Amplifier is off, but plugged into an
AC receptacle.
Constant slow blinking
(1 sec on, 5 secs off)
Amplifier is configured as a supple-
mental amplifier, turned on, but
plugged into an AC receptacle.
Continuously lit Amplifier is on and ready to produce
Lit but rapidly flickering Amplifier is configured as a supple-
mental amplifier.
Blinking quickly Amplifier is receiving data com-
mands through the Bose
link port.
Status LED