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Introducing the Lifestyle
SA-2 and SA-3 Stereo Amplifier
Before you begin
Thank you for purchasing a Lifestyle
SA-2 or SA-3 stereo amplifier. The Lifestyle
amplifier provides you with a simple solution when you want to add Bose
environmental speakers or Bose non-powered accessory speakers to your Lifestyle
Bose proprietary Integrated Signal Processing technology, featured in the amplifier, provides
full, rich stereo sound, even when the speakers are playing at low volumes. By using the
stereo amplifier to expand your system, you can enjoy Bose quality sound and
system convenience in your yard, patio, swimming deck, garage, or utility room.
Unpacking the carton
WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep the plastic bags out of the reach of children.
Carefully unpack the shipping carton. Make sure the shipping carton for your Lifestyle
stereo amplifier includes the parts identified in Figure 1. We recommend saving the packing
materials. You may need them later. The original packing materials provide the safest way to
transport this product.
Note: Locate the serial number on the bottom panel of the amplifier, and write it in the appropri-
ate blank on page 3.
If any part of the product appears to be damaged, do not attempt to use it. Contact your
authorized Bose dealer immediately, or call Bose Customer Service. Refer to the address list
enclosed in the product packaging for correct phone numbers.
Figure 1
Contents of the shipping
Note: Use only the power cord supplied with your Lifestyle
stereo amplifier. If the power cord
does not fit your power (mains) outlet, DO NOT alter the plug in any way. Contact Bose Customer
Service for assistance.
Note: The Lifestyle
stereo amplifier is designed for use with Bose non-powered environmental
speakers or Bose non-powered accessory speakers ONLY.
*The Lifestyle
stereo amplifier
includes a 120V AC (mains) power
cord for use in the USA and Canada,
or the appropriate 230V or 240V
power cord for international use.
SA-2 stereo
20-ft Bose
link A cable
120V power cord*
Europe (230V)
UK/Singapore (230V)
Australia (240V)
SA-3 stereo
DIN adapter