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Setting Up Advanced Features
Amplifier mode switches
The advanced features of the Lifestyle
stereo amplifier are set up using microswitches A, B,
and C (Figure 21). The SA-3 has all three switches, but the SA-2 has only switch C.
Figure 21
SA-2 and SA-3
Stereo or mono output (SA-3 only)
The output of the SA-3 amplifier can be set to stereo (switch A up – factory setting) or mono
(switch A down). The mono output mode feeds left and right channel audio to both the left
and right outputs. This mode is useful in situations where a stereo output isn’t feasible such
as when outdoor speakers are used in a large area.
Automatic detection of a local source (SA-3 only)
When a source is connected to the AUX INPUT jacks, you can set the amplifier to detect
when that source is turned on, thereby automatically switching the amplifier from standby
to on.
The amplifier is shipped with this feature turned off. For local source automatic detection, set
switch B up.
Single and supplemental amplifiers
If you want to cover a large area, such as an outdoor patio, requiring more than one set of
speakers, you can install additional amplifiers. See the setup for room C in “Setup guidelines
for additional rooms” on page 23.
Leave switch C down (factory setting – single amp mode) on one amplifier and set switch C
up (supplemental amp mode) on all other amplifiers.
Set the room code in all amplifiers to the same room code as in the remote control.
Now, you can turn them all on and off, change their volumes, or mute them together using a
single remote control.
C 6 7 8 9
A B C 6 7 8 9
Switch Position Function
A Down Mono output
Up* Stereo output
B Down* Local source auto detect Off
Up Local source auto detect On
C Down* Single amp
Up Supplemental amp
*Factory setting