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Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Connecting speakers to your Lifestyle
stereo amplifier
CAUTION: DO NOT connect any make or model of powered speakers to the speaker outputs of
the Lifestyle
stereo amplifier. Doing so may cause damage to the equipment.
CAUTION: Make sure that the amplifier is disconnected from AC power before making speaker
CAUTION: The Lifestyle
stereo amplifier requires a 6-ohm minimum load.
Speaker cord consists of two insulated wires. One wire is usually marked (striped, collared, or
ribbed), indicating that it should be connected to the positive (+) terminal. The plain wire
should always be connected to the negative (–) terminal. For recommended wire sizes and
lengths, see “Wire recommendations” on page 29.
1. Remove the terminal block connector from the SPEAKER OUTPUTS jack on the rear
panel of the amplifier.
2. Connect the left speaker cord to the L positive (+) and minus (–) terminals of the 4-pin
terminal block connector.
3. Connect the right speaker cord to the R positive (+) and minus (–) terminals of the 4-pin
terminal block connector.
4. Plug the terminal block connector into the SPEAKER OUTPUTS jack.
Figure 16
Connecting speaker cable
Rear panel of Lifestyle
stereo amplifier
Positive (+) wire
(marked with stripe)
Terminal block