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Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Identifying your system
The Lifestyle
stereo amplifier and additional remote come ready to be installed and used in a
second room (Room B).
This section provides placement and mounting instructions for the Lifestyle
stereo amplifier.
Following this information you will find a section that describes how to set up the amplifier
with your particular home entertainment system.
The set of instructions you need depends on whether you have a media center, music center,
or multi-room interface. The product label on the bottom panel identifies the model you have.
For the AV-18, AV-38, or AV-48 media center, see
“Model AV-18/38/48 media center setup” on
page 11.
For the AV-28 media center, see
“Model AV-28 media center setup” on page 13.
For the multi-room interface,
see “Multi-room interface setup” on page 15.
For the Model 20 music center,
see “Model 20 music center setup” on page 17.
For the Model 5 music center,
see, “Model 5 music center setup” on page 19.
Note: If you are planning to use this amplifier beyond a second room, you will need to change
some switch settings in the amplifier and remote. See “Setting Up Additional Rooms For Sound”
on page 23.
media center
Model 20
music center
Model 5
music center
Model AV-28
media center