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Manufacturer declaration
We provide a warrantee for the original Sennheiser product you
purchased for 24 months. The warrantee begins on the date of
purchase of the factory-new, unused products by the first end cus-
tomer. Please retain receipt as proof of purchase. Without this
proof, which the Sennheiser service partner will check, you will ge-
nerally need to pay for repairs performed. The sales receipt must in-
clude the date of purchase and the description of the product.
The guaranteed services consist of either free correction of material
or manufacturing faults by repair, exchange of parts or exchange of
the entire device, our choice. The parts removed within the scope of
a warrantee claim return to ownership of Sennheiser electronic
GmbH & Co. KG or their service partners.
Exceptions to the warrantee:
y Minor faults or deviations in the condition of the product that
are inconsequential to the value or appropriate use
y Accessories sent with the product
y Rechargeable batteries and batteries (these products have a
shorter life due to their condition, which concretely depends on
the intensity of use on a case-by-case basis)
y Defects due to improper use (e.g. operating error, mechanical
damage, incorrect operating voltage)
Proper use is the use of the product that is described in the ope-
rating instructions.
y Defects from wear
y Modifications made by you or third parties to Sennheiser pro-
ducts, if no prior written agreement was present from Sennhei-
ser regarding the type and scope of modification
y Defects from acts of God
y Defects known to you at the time of purchase
The warrantee claim is void if unauthorized persons or repair cen-
ters open the product.
The warrantee can be taken advantage of world-wide in all coun-
tries where the national law doesn't counter our warrantee determi-
nations. Other claims or those more extensive than listed here can-
not be validated from the warrantee.
However, as the end customer you may have additional legal claims
in your country that are not limited by these warrantee conditions;
the warrantee is based on the laws of the country in which you
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