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purchased the Sennheiser product as the end customer. The regula-
tions of the UN purchasing law have no relevance.
In cases of warrantee, send the device, including accessories and sa-
les receipt to the service partner responsible for you.
A current overview of all world-wide service partners for Sennheiser
electronic GmbH & Co. is listed on the Internet at www.sennhei-
ser.com .
The customer is responsible for the safe transport of the device. To
avoid transportation damages, the original packaging should be
used if possible.
EU Declaration of Conformity
This device complies with the basic requirements and additional
specifications of the 2004/108/EU guidelines. This declaration is
available on the Internet at www.sennheiser.com.
The following country-specific regulations must be noted before
WEEE Statement
Your Sennheiser product was designed and manufactured using
high-quality materials and components, which may be recycled and
re-used. This symbol indicates that electric and electronic devices at
the end of their service life must be disposed of separately from
household waste.
Please dispose of this device at your local community collection
point or at a recycling center. Please help to preserve our environ-
Rechargeable batteries and batteries
The rechargeable batteries and batteries can be recycled. Please
dispose of the rechargeable batteries or batteries at a battery recy-
cling container or the dealer. Only dispose of empty rechargeable
batteries or batteries to protect the environment.
Sennheiser and NoiseGard
are registered trademarks of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG.
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