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Inserting and replacing batteries
For active noise compensation (NoiseGard function)
you need a battery or rechargeable battery (AAA).
̈ Open battery compartment ¸ on the right ear cup.
̈ Remove the used battery.
̈ Insert the battery. Pay attention to the correct
polarity while inserting (see left illustration).
̈ Close the battery compartment ¸. The flap will
audibly snap shut.
Make sure that the normal
bypass ·
is in the normal setting (see page 10).
You can also use the headphones without
batteries. Switch the NoiseGard function off
before removing the battery (see ”Switching
NoiseGard on and off“ on page 11).
Remove the battery from battery compartment
¸, if you will not use the headphones for an
extended period.
If the battery capacity is almost depleted, the LED º
flashes. Replace the battery or rechargeable battery.
If the battery is completely empty, the NoiseGard 2.0
function independently switches off.
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