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Inappropriate use
Inappropriate use includes if you use the headphones differently than described in
the instructions, or do not maintain operating conditions.
Safety instructions for battery and rechargeable battery use
Batteries/rechargeable batteries can leak with abuse or improper use. In extreme
cases, there is the risk of explosion or fire. Sennheiser therefore assumes no liability
in cases of abuse or improper use.
Do not store in reach of
Immediately remove empty
batteries/rechargeable batteries
from the device.
Do not heat or throw into
Observe polarity.
Do not short circuit.
Switch off (rechargeable) battery
operated devices after use.
Do not solder.
Remove batteries/rechargeable
batteries from the device if will not
be used for an extended period.
Do not disassemble or
Use only appropriate Sennheiser
chargers for rechargeable batteries.
Do not mix batteries and
rechargeable batteries
without packaging.
Recharge rechargeable batteries
after longer periods of disuse before
Do not mix empty and fully
charged batteries/
rechargeable batteries.
Only charge rechargeable batteries
at ambient temperatures between
10 °C and 40 °C.
Do not charge disposable
Only dispose of used batteries/
rechargeable batteries at collection
sites or return them to your dealer.
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