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Adjusting headband
In order to achieve good sound transmission and noise
damping, as well as the most comfort, adapt the
headband to your head size. You can adjust the
headband using the snap-in locking mechanism.
̈ Wear the headphones so that the headband ³ runs
across the middle of your head.
̈ Adjust the headphones so that
–the ear cushion µ completely surrounds the ears,
you feel slight pressure around your ears,
the headband ³ is flat on the head.
̈ Check in a loud environment whether the ear
cushions are optimally placed to ensure maximum
noise damping.
Connecting the headphones
̈ Connect the audio cable ¿ to the headphone
bushing of your sound source.
You will hear the sound from your sound source.
If the plug on the audio cable does not fit:
̈ Use the adapter for 6.3-mm plug bushing ¹ (see
illustration to the left).
If you wish to use the headphones for the inflight
entertainment in an airplane:
̈ Use the inflight adapter Ƹ (see illustration to the
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