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TalkThrough allows direct communication with your
environment, even while wearing headphones. The
NoiseGard 2.0 and peak level protection remain
active, and your hearing remains protected.
NoiseGard 2.0
The active noise compensation, NoiseGard 2.0, is
based on the principle of deleting tones in the low
frequency range (to 1 kHz) with inverse tones (phase-
inverse tone). Tiny microphones record the ambient
noise. NoiseGard 2.0 electronics creates a sound wave
that is phase-inverted by 180° to the interfering tone
- resulting in the two sound waves almost canceling
each other out.
Additional features
y Excellent sound quality through patented adaptive
baffle damping and duofol diaphragm system
y Ideal for traveling: comfortable, sturdy and folding
design with one-sided cable connection
y Perfectly suited for use in inflight entertainment
systems as well as mobile music sources
y Headphones can also be used without cable to
dampen noise
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