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Using the Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4 housing:
Opening The Housing:
Observe that the locking mechanism has 2 recessed spring tabs.
Place the lower corner of the housing against your stomach
and with 2 fingers, press these tabs together while your other
hand frees the rounded housing latch by gently pulling upwards.
Next, release the flanged locking mechanism from the other
half of the housing and the housings will part open.
Inserting Camera:
Since the Fantasea's FL-3 and FL-4 was specifically designed
for the Coolpix L2,3 and L4 digital cameras, insertion is a simple
matter of placing the camera in the housing.
After camera insertion, be sure that the extended camera lens
does not catch or bend the black rubber seat on the inside of
the lens port. It is vital that the lens does not disturb this rubber
Make sure the camera lens is centered in the rounded port area
and that the lens does not distort the round black rubber seat.
The housing is designed to have the camera fit in place perfectly,
but if you are not careful, it is possible to put it in at an improper
angle and hence it will be impossible to get a good seal or easy
closure of the housing.
It is recommended to make some camera
settings prior to inserting into the housing.
Please refer to the Coolpix owner's manual
for menu options and personal preferences to
choose from.
Take a few test shots: it is recommended to
turn the camera "on" and program to "Flash
Always" mode before inserting into housing
and then take test shots to make sure all
systems are working.