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General Information:
The Fantasea FL-3 + FL-4 housing:
Fantasea has specially designed a housing for the Nikon Coolpix
L2, L3 and L4 cameras. The housings, dedicated to these three
cameras (the L2 and L3 are physically identical—the L4 slightly
wider), insure the most compact design for easy handling and
accurate access to camera functions through the critical placement
of push-button controls.
The FL3 and FL4 contain all essential control functions: Mode,
Menu, Zoom/Wide angle, Macro, Flash on/off , Exposure mode,
Review, Delete, White Balance, Video/Still and more.
The FL-3 + FL-4 housing provide a built in Flash Diffuser and
an anti-glare hood over the LCD screen as well.
This housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photographers
who enjoy the camera's automatic exposure features for capturing
fast action pictures easily and creatively.
The Fantasea FL-3 + FL-4 housings are designed as
underwater/outdoor camera housings. They have a working depth
of 130 feet/40 meters. Underwater photographers can dive or
snorkel and capture all the excitement of this fascinating world,
while outdoor photographers also have the option of capturing
the action of such activities as white water and paddle sports,
sailing and boating, surfing, fishing and hunting, backpacking
and camping, and for family activities around the swimming pool
or at the beach. The Fantasea FL-3 + FL-4 will protect those
Coolpix cameras from water, sand, dust, and other damaging
Fantasea FL-3 + FL-4 Uses: