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Please reference the Coolpix instruction manual for details on
how to set these camera options, and under what conditions the
different choices would be used.
Shooting Techniques:
There are several exposure modes [15 different Scene modes]
for photographers to choose from, depending on the situation.
Underwater it is recommended that you shoot in the Auto mode
on the camera in which ambient light and artificial light will be
automatically controlled by the camera according to the lighting
conditions. You can also select different light meters to use, based
on the situation and your personal preferences. Additionally, you
can choose the Auto White Balance setting for color temperature
control, or experiment with some of the other modes to see which
will work best underwater. These settings do not have to be made
ahead of any dive, as they can be accessed through the housing
controls while underwater.
Exposure Modes: (Pre-set before camera insertion)
Zoom in for telephoto photos and larger subject size. Zoom out
for wide-angle scenes. It is generally not recommended to use
the zoom underwater as it is preferable to get physically closer
to your subject. The digital zoom has no value at all.
Zoom Control:
For capturing the tiny and exotic subjects that require close focus.
Macro focus is possible when the lens is in the wide-angle position.
Macro Focus:
Immediate review of most recent image is available that will
confirm that you captured the shot you want. However, if you
want to scroll through your images, or delete images from the
memory card, this should be done when you are topside and the
camera is out of the housing.
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