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The L2, L3 and L4 cameras do not have the standard eyepiece
but underwater photographers and outdoor photographers will
appreciate the large LCD viewing monitor for composing
photographs. The LCD monitor will allow you to see your subject
in sharp focus and framed properly. Hold the camera housing in
your outstretched arm at a position that is both comfortable and
also allows you to easily see the LCD monitor, for best
compositional options.
Closing the Housing:
Never force the housing closed; if it does not close easily,
please check to make sure that the camera is well seated and
that the lens is sitting properly in the port area and not distorting
the rubber seat.
Always take the first dive without your camera in the housing
just to make sure there is no leakage from damage to the
housing. During the dive especially at the beginning of
descent take special care to look at the housing to make sure
no bubbles are escaping from it and that no water is entering.
Generally, if there is a problem with the seal, you will discover
it in the first seconds of the dive.
It is most important to check to make sure the rectangular
rubber gasket [blue or black] is seated correctly in its niche
[not raised at any point and sitting in its groove] and that there
is no sand, dirt or any other foreign object on its surface. Do
not use any lubricant whatsoever on this gasket especially
silicon grease which will distort it. Make sure that the black
wrist lanyard is not jammed into the housing during the closing
Bring the two halves of the housing together with one hand
[squeezing your thumb on one side and your other fingers on
the other until the two halves touch and hold securely in that
position. With the other hand, attach the flange to the body of
the camera and gently lower the rounded latch until it snaps
into place.
Viewing the Subject: