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The Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4 housings require only a minimum
amount of care for reliable performance. The following are tips
that will enable you to get the best results.
Always rinse your housing with a strong stream of fresh water
and if possible soak your housing in fresh water tub or rinse
tank for about 20 minutes after every dive in order to dissolve
the salt water crystals from around the controls and openings
of the housing. Manipulate each of the movable controls to
assist the removal of salt particles from these tight areas.
Care & Maintenance:
Allow the housing to dry thoroughly before packing away for
the day or for the trip home. You may use a soft towel or cloth
to dry the housing. Be sure there is no grease or other debris
on the towel.
Camera Standby Mode:
You can access the camera's menu to choose how long a period
of inactivity before the camera goes into standby mode. Options
are 30 seconds, one minute, five minutes, and 30 minutes. This
feature allows you to conserve battery power by placing the LCD
monitor on standby [sleep mode]. It is recommended that this
option is set for 30 seconds for the following reasons: to conserve
battery power and longer periods of time will cause a warming
of the LCD screen. This will cause heating of housing and this
can produce condensation and fogging of the lens port. If this
occurs and the condensation appears on the lens port then it will
have a negative impact on the quality of the images taken.
When you want to resume shooting, pressing any button will re-
activate the camera. However, if after the camera goes into standby,
a further period of three minutes goes by without any activity,
the camera will turn off [deep sleep mode]. You can turn it back
on by pressing and holding the triangular icon button--
Review/Restore [Playback] for about five seconds. The Welcome
to Nikon Coolpix screen will appear then it will display last image
taken. One additional press of the Review button will then return
the camera to active shooting mode.