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Choosing Image Files:
There are several image file options to choose from that offer different
resolution and file sizes. This determination must be made prior to
camera insertion from Menu options. Please refer to the Coolpix
instruction manual for details on setting these preferences.
Taking the Picture:
Once you have composed your scene or subject in the LCD
monitor, depress the shutter release button to take the picture. A
half depress will activate the live viewing ability of the LCD and
allow the camera to focus, once in focus and ready to shoot a
green light will appear on the LCD monitor and the camera is
ready to take the picture. Press down the shutter all the way to
complete image capture. You may notice a pre-flash and slight
delay in the shutter release. This is to allow the camera to make
its final focus and exposure calculations before taking the picture.
With a little practice, you will become used to this and taking
pictures of moving subjects will become easier and natural.
Battery life:
AA-Size Battery Compatibility
One of the most widely available battery sizes in the world - in
alkaline, lithium, rechargeable or other forms - AA compatibility
allows near-ubiquitous use anywhere in the world.
.The power to shoot approximately 180 shots for the COOLPIX
L2, 200 shots for the COOLPIX L3, and 250 shots for the
COOLPIX L4 when using alkaline batteries greatly augments
their compact convenience.
There are certain things that users can control to help with battery
life. The most important is to set the camera to turn the LCD off
after a short time, during periods of non-use. It can then be
automatically turned back on if you depress the shutter release
control half way. Please refer to the Coolpix instruction manual
for details on how to make this adjustment setting. It is always
wise to have backup batteries in case you do run out of power.
The supplied battery can be recharged many times and offer an
economical and environmentally friendly power source.